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When your KTH Box account is terminated

When your employment, or other relation with KTH, giving you access to KTH Box is terminated your KTH Box account will be as well. Here you'll find information about what happens when with regards to your KTH Box account and the information in it.

KTH Box migrates to OneDrive with start October 2021

Important information!

As of the 1st october 2021 we will not longer create new Box accounts for employees as we are decomissioning the service in KTH in favor of KTH OneDrive. 

Please use KTH OneDrive for your personal storage and for file collaboration with others. To collaborate with an existing Box user please inform the user that they need to send a shared link to you. 

KTH OneDrive is available to all active students and employees. 

You can read more about the decommissioning of KTH Box and how it affects you by going to the following page, .

Access to KTH Box has:

  • Anyone employed by KTH or working at KTH under "circumstances similar to employment", as defined by the HR administrative department at KTH, and hence gets the affiliation employee in UG.
  • Anyone using any of the computer workplaces, Wiks, Mac or Ubuntu, provided by the IT-department at KTH.
  • Some other exceptions by agreement.

When neither of these requirements no longer are valid you no longer have access to KTH Box and your account will be terminated. Since you may have information in the account that shoud remain and possibly have shared it with other users who may use your account to store their information, knowingly or not, this may have consequences. To mediate this and avoid information loss when the account is terminated a process for termination is defined, following Best practice - Terminating employees (external link) .

Before your employment ends

Before your employment ends you should recover any information you want to keep and transfer it somewhere else. You can download it to a local computer, or transfer it to a personal Box account. You should also make sure that others you have shared information with retain access to information they need and transfer ownership.

When you no longer have access to KTH Box

The first thing that happens is that your account is inactivated ( Box admin console - Editing Users (external link) ) during a grace period of 60 days. This means that your account no longer is accessible and is hidden from other users. Hence, they can no longer access information you have shared with them. However, the account and collaborations in it still exists. If you should reestablish your relationship with KTH during the grace period the account will automatically be activated again and work as before.

NOTE: if you terminate your account at KTH completely in such a way that the account is deleted from the identity management system, the Box account will also be deleted, without any grace period. However, the information in the account will still be kept for a year, as explained below.

After the grace period the account will be deleted. That does not mean that the information in the account is erased completely, files and folders in it will be kept for an additional time period. We currently keep it for at least a year. Information about collaborations and information sharing will be lost.

If you reestablish your relationship with KTH after the grace period and the account has been erased, a new account will be created for you (even if it's using the same user id). Information from the old account can be restored to your new account for as long as it is available, contact

When someone else have ended their employment and information is missing

When you use Box you may start collaborations with other users at KTH in such a way that the information is stored in their account. If they end their employment that information will no longer be available with their account is inactivated. However, the information still exists, contact for assistance.

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Last changed: Sep 16, 2021