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Migration of KTH Box to KTH OneDrive

Information about the migration from KTH Box to KTH OneDrive.

KTH continuously reviews which solutions are used at KTH to be able to offer the best solutions with regard to functionality, price and availability and decided in 2021 to replace the central KTH Box service with KTH OneDrive.


KTH Box has been at KTH since 2011 and has been used as cloud-based storage solution of user data for employees. The service has been limited to employees, users of the computer platforms at KTH and certain researchers. There have also been requests to expand the service to everyone at KTH, but due to the cost picture, this has not been possible.

What do we want to achieve with the migration of KTH Box to KTH OneDrive?

The transition to OneDrive will mean several requested improvements.

Some examples of improvement that will be made with this change

  • KTH OneDrive will be available to employees, students and people with an employment-like affiliation
  • Better collaboration opportunities by easily being able to share documents for employees and students
  • Possible to edit documents simultaneously on the web and via the office applications with several users within the organization or outside the organization
  • Better integration with Office products
  • Easier version management of documents
  • Reduce the risk of increasing costs for KTH as OneDrive is included in the existing license agreement with Microsoft
  • Better possibilities to secure access the information stored in KTH OneDrive, eg multifactor login

When will the migration take place?

The migration will take place in 2021, starting in October 2021 and will end in December 2021. This will be done in 4 different steps.

  • Communication to schools and existing users of KTH Box
  • Migration of common KTH Box directories
  • Automatic migration of users / departments
  • Migration of users with large storage space

You will be contacted with more detailed information via e-mail 1-2 weeks before copying.

What do I need to do?

We will migrate your files for you and inform you before starting and when it is ready.

After copying is complete, you will need to reshare folders/files with external users. Read more about this in the FAQ below.

If you want to be migrated earlier, you can contact IT Support for help with the migration to KTH OneDrive.

This is how copying is performed from KTH Box to KTH OneDrive

The copying will be performed in batches for groups of users. When copying data, KTH IT will not see the content of files / data, but only the number of files that are copied.

When it is your turn depends on the batch you are placed in during the period Oktober - December 2021. You will be contacted with more detailed information via e-mail 5 days before copying.

The following will happen when migrating your information from KTH Box to KTH OneDrive

migration steps
migration steps

Regarding the copying of files from KTH Box to KTH OneDrive:

  • All files and directories will be copied from Box to the "box_files" directory in OneDrive.
    We will not copy old versions of files but only the latest version of the file..
  • Only files that you own in Box will be copied. Files owned by others and shared with you are not affected. If you have no files on Box, no copying will take place and the directory "box_files" will be created but lacks content.
  • Files that are in the Box and are marked as deleted, ie are in the "trash", will not be copied over to OneDrive.
  • If you shared a folder to users at KTH, the rights of the shared directory to join..
  • If you have shared folders with users outside KTH, you must re-assign permissions to the folder from OneDrive to these users again after copying is complete.
  • If you have shared an individual file, you must distribute permissions to the user again, regardless of whether it is shared within or outside KTH.
  • If you are shared a file / directory with a link you must create a new link and share the link with those who have access to the information.
  • If you have published files with a link on the web or in documents, you must create a new link and update the page / document.
  • The files on Box will remain but you or those you shared files with will not be able to access the files after copying.

Frequently asked questions regarding migration

You can find frequently asked questions regarding the migration on the following webpage, Migration FAQ  .

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