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Migration FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding migration from KTH Box.

Question: How do I log in to KTH OneDrive?
Answer: You must log in as and your KTH password.

Question: Will you inform me when I will be migrated.
Answer: We will send information to the user 5 days before the copying takes place and inform when it is completed.

Question: Is the information encrypted?
Answer: Yes, all traffic is encrypted against the service and the stored information is encrypted in KTH OneDrive.

Question: Are my files affected by P: G and H: (Z :)?
Answer: No, the transition to KTH OneDrive does not affect KTH's network-based file storage, neither for home directories nor project directories.

Question: Will Canvas be affected by the migration?
Answer: No, Canvas will not be affected by this migration as we do not have any existing integration with Canvas and KTH Box.

Question: What happens to my files in Box?
Answer: During the migration, your files will be copied to OneDrive. After the copying is completed, we will turn off access to Box and you can start working with your files in KTH OneDrive instead.

Question: Can I copy my files myself from KTH Box to KTH OneDrive?
Answer: We advise against copying your files yourself. If you still need, we ask you to contact

Question: Are my files moved or copied?
Answer: Your files will be copied which means that your files will not be deleted from KTH Box.

Question: Will there be interruptions while switching to KTH OneDrive?
Answer: Yes, there will be an interruption when we copy your files from one service to another so that we can guarantee that all content is copied. You will receive more detailed information 5 days before the copy starts.

Question: What will be affected during the change?
Answer: No other systems or services at KTH will be affected by the change itself.

Question: Who can use KTH OneDrive?
Answer: With the introduction of KTH OneDrive, in addition to employees, students will now also have access to KTH OneDrive.

Question: Can I, as an employee, share documents with students?
Answer: Yes, since both employees and students will have access to KTH OneDrive, it will be possible to share documents with each other.

Question: Can I have different sync settings on different devices?
Answer: Yes, the OneDrive client will allow you to have different settings on different computers / devices.

Question: Can multiple users write in the same office document at the same time?
Answer: Yes, Office 2016 or later users can edit files at the same time. Users can also edit files simultaneously via Office online via a web browser.

Question: What happens to shared files / directories that I share with KTH people?
Answer: Directories shared with KTH people will be recreated when copying. Files that are shared will not be recreated when copying.

Question: Will my files / directories shared with link be reshared automatically?
Answer: No, files / directories shared by link will not be recreated automatically. You can recreate these again and send the new link to those who will have access to the file / directory.

Question: What happens to shared files / directories to external people?
Answer: You will have to recreate these manually as we cannot recreate these for you for security reasons.

Question: Why do you not recreate external shares?
Answer: For the following reasons, we will not recreate external shares

  1. We do not want to automatically share information with external parties as we do not know how sensitive the information is
  2. We do not know who has the link today
  3. We want to remove shares that are no longer relevant

Question: Will there be an alternative to Box FTP in OneDrive?
Answer: We will not offer FTP onedrive capabilities as OneDrive does not have that option.

Question: Are you going to copy my "Box notes" to OneDrive?
Answer: We are sorry to say that we are not able to copy your "Box Notes" to OneDrive as "Box Notes" are in proprietary to Box and cannot be copied to OneDrive. You will need to export your "Box Notes" in another format yourselves.

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