Configure Outlook 2010 auto reply

Below File in the menu click the Automatic Replies button

Automatic replies can be sent inside the organization, outside the organization or both.

Step 1: Inside the organization

  • Choose Send automatic replies
  • Choose time range by calendars and lists that open when clicking on the arrows

Write text to send below Inside My Organization

Step 2: Outside the organization
If You want to send automatic replies for recipents outside KTH email system, go to Outside My Organization after activating Send automatic replies and setting time span if known such exist

Then choose if the external reply should go to anyone or to Outlook contacts only.

Step 3: Deactivate auto reply
Klicka på knappen Inaktivera när du vill stänga av autosvaret båda inom och utanför organisationen

Below You find this manual in Swedish
Lathunden i PDF-format för utskrift (pdf 370 kB)


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