Settings for Windows Mail

How to configure Windows mail using Vista

1. Start Windows Mail where You might have automatic wizards, close those, go to Tools menu and open Accounts.

2. In the new pop-up click Add.

3. Go to E-mail Account and click Next.

4. In the Display name field add Your name, then click Next.

5. In the E-mail address field add the private email adress and click Next.

6. Choose IMAP for Incoming e-mail server type.
In theIncoming mail server field write .
In theOutgoing e-mail server field write
Click Next.

7. In the E-mail username field write Your username (email address but for
In the Password field write Your personal password, if You want the system to log in instead of manual login, check Remember password.
Click Next.

8. Check Do not download my e-mail at this time and then click Finish.

9. You are returned to the Internet Account window.
Choose the account and click Properties.

10. Go to Servers and check My server requires authentication, then click Apply

11. Go to Advanced.
Check both outgoing and incoming mail This server requires a secure connection (SSL)
In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) field write 465.
In the Incoming mail (IMAP) skriver du in 993.
Click OK.

12. You are returned to the Internet Accounts window, click Close.
13. Following pop-up opens up, click Yes.

14. A new window pops up and You can pick what email folders to view in the email client, some folders are there per automation and can not be removed (top five), the rest can be confuguret using the Show and the Hide button.
Click OK when done

Your Windows Mail is now configured to use with the personalt email account.

Below You find a pdf with those instructions in Swedish
Pdf-format för utskrift (pdf 587 kB)

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