Signatures in Apple Mail

Email signatures in Apple Mail.

How to create formatted signatures in Apple Mail

To create formatted signatures with images, different fonts and font styles, and the like, you can use Apple's own Text Editor, create a signature, and then cut-and-paste this into the signature creator in Mail.

How to do this:

  1. Open the TextEdit app
  2. Create a new document
  3. Make sure the document is in RTF format. If you see a line where you can define fonts and other things you have the correct format. Otherwise, enter the "Format" menu and select "Convert to RTF".
  4. Now create the desired signatures with fonts, styles, links and image(s). All images should be in their final size before use and not be reduced in size in the program.
  5. Open Mail and go to "Settings ..."> Signatures
  6. If you have several different email accounts in the program, you can select the email account in which this signature is to be used in this box.
  7. Touch the plus sign below the center box to create a signature.
  8. Go to TextEdit, select all and copy.
  9. Go to Mail and paste the clipboard into the box to the right.

Now you have a signature assigned to an email account. An email account can have multiple signatures and a signature can be used for multiple accounts. In that case, draw the signature to the desired account.

Try the new signatures by creating a new email in Mail - you will have a drop-down menu for signatures in the window. Select the desired signature.

If you have Mail set to have plain text as the default format for new emails (Settings ...> Write> Text Format in New Letters), you will see a simplified variation of your signature, without fonts, font variations, or images variations.

If you want formatted text in your email, select "Format"> Make formatted text, click "None" in the signature drop-down menu to remove the simplified signature and finish by selecting signature again. You will then receive the complete signature in your email.

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