Remove automatically saved email addresses

Sometimes the automatically saved addresses can create a problem

Outlook automatically saves addresses you have sent mail to. This can sometimes create problems, like when the address was a shared mailbox that has been moved to the case management system or has been remodelled for some other reason.

If you send an e-mail to a function address at KHT and get a reply back that recipient not found you can try this:

  1. Start typing the email address
  2. When Outlook suggests an address, click the small X at the right to delete the saved address from the locak memory of your Outlook. Even if the address looks like it would be right there are data behind the address that is wrong and the mailsystem will try to put the mail in a mailbox that does not exist if you use the saved address.
  3. Write the address again and send your email.
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Last changed: Oct 14, 2019