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Introduction to the IT environment at KTH

As a new employee at KTH it can sometimes be difficult to know where to begin. We have put together a list that we hope can help you get started with your IT resources.

KTH account

Username & password

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Rules & Policys

Getting started with e-mail at KTH

Email on your mobile device

Access Card

New employees need an access card to be able to access buildings and locked doors on campus. To obtain an access card, contact the card manager at your school/department or your school´s office who then places an order to the KTH Card Office ( If you don't know who is the card manager at your school/department you may contact your nearest supervisor.

When your access card is ready for pickup, visit KTH Entré with a valid photo-ID (national ID for EU Citizens, passport). At KTH Entré you can also get help with changing your PIN code or replacing a lost card.

If you want access to special rooms, the card manager at your school/department has to send a request to the KTH Card Office (

For information regarding address and opening hours at KTH Entré

Personal menu

When you have logged in to, the personal menu will appear on the top of the entire, so that you can always have access to your relevant courses and features, such as schedule, personal profile page or services that you use often in your work.

Personal menu

Learning Management System (Canvas)

If you are a teacher you will use Canvas in some way. Canvas is the "virtual classroom" where teachers collect course material, share documents, communicate with your students, manage assessments and tests, and much more.

Canvas - guides and recommendations

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