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Personal menu

When logged in to, the personal menu will appear on the top of pages, enabling you to always access your personal pages and features, eg. Study overview, schedule etc.


The idea behind  ​​the personal menu is that it should be easy for staff and students to access their personal features, courses, programmes and groups through The new menu replaces the previous toolbar which was located at the bottom of the page.

Data has been collected through focus groups, workshops and mapping of current services, with both system managers and operations representatives as well as with other staff and students.

The menu has been open for testing by all students and employees during the period of December 2012-February 2013, throughout the test period we have made improvements to the menu based on received feedback.

What does the personal menu contain?

Your name

Below your name in the menu you find your profile, your News Feed (formerly called Subscriptions), your personal calendar (course schedule and calendar events from groups and programmes) and setting pages.


Here you can view events for the next few days, retrieve links to the full schedule and more information on the schedule.


Contains links to all the courses you subscribe to. To unsubscribe to a course you either do so in the subscription settings or directly on the course page.

There are also links to functionalities that you previously found on My Pages.


Includes links to all the programmes you subscribe to. To unsubscribe from a programme you either do so in the subscription settings or directly on the programme page.

There are also links to functionalities that you previously found on My Pages.


Here you can create your own groups and have links to groups you subscribe to. You are able to unsubscribe from a group in the subscription settings or directly on the group page.


Users are able to choose which services / features they want direct links to, e.g.  Bilda. Employees have by default access to most services, but if you are missing a service, you can add the service yourself by entering the feature and select the missing service from the list.


The menu has three icons that link to:
1.  Webmail
2.  News feed - collection of posts, events, edits in courses, programmes and groups you subscribe to.
3.  Notifications, will initially generate immediate alerts from your course, programme and group webs. We are working on incorporating notifications regarding semester registration and new study results.

Does the menu differ between students and employees?

There are small differences between how the menu looks for an employee and a student. Employees can view and select multiple features in the Services menu. Students have an extra categorization view below Courses in the menu.

Student view for courses

Students have by default the current courses in their course menu under Courses & Programmes.

We have added the  course status  symbols that students also able to view in their study plan and on the course webs:

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