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Change of access to Confluence

Published Nov 01, 2023

Access is limited to KTH network

System/Service: Confluence

Interruption: Access will be temporarily restricted so that you can only access Confluence via KTH network, or via VPN if you are outside KTH.

Status: Planning to update the system to the latest version is being done and will be implemented in the future.

Who is affected: Anyone trying to use Confluence from a network outside KTH, e.g. from home when working remotely

How the interruption affects you: Confluence cannot be reached from networks outside KTH.

If you are on external networks, e.g. when working remotely or during a trip, you must first connect to KTH's network via VPN.

Information about VPN can be found on our website: VPN
If you need to access Confluence via mobile phone, information is available on this page: Cisco VPN

You can also access Confluence by using KTH-Desktop via Citrix: Citrix

If you are on some KTH campus, you do not need to use VPN or Citrix to reach Confluence.

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Last changed: Nov 01, 2023