No agreement for PCs and Macs

Published Feb 18, 2020

As previously announced, KTH has been contractless since December 1, 2019 regarding "clients - PCs and Macs".

The latest information in the procurement is that another review was made and this has now passed the Administrative Court and escalated to the Court of Appeal.

  • Review of the Administrative Court's decision is appealed by supplier (already implemented)
  • Trial court at the Court of Appeal is likely to be notified at the end of March (ie if CoA will raise the case)
  • If approved by the Court of Appeal, the purchase stop is expected to be extended by another 3-6 months

As for KTH:

Pending a new agreement with Umeå University, KTH must act to stop unauthorized direct procurement. Therefore, the following decisions have been made and are effective from February 12, 2020:

  • The possibility of making call-of-agreements on computers in WISUM has been closed down
  • Purchase stoppages apply to the purchase of personal computers until we have the new agreement with Umeå University in place

How KTH takes action now:

  • KTH procurement together with IT is preparing for a renewed competitive launch on the Kammarkollegiet's agreement with computers that will cover a greater (more general) need for the entire KTH until September 1, 2020. This process is very extensive and takes a lot of calendar time. This is done only if a review decision is approved by the Court of Appeal.

In the near future these are the following possibilities:

  • Respective schools can, together with IT and Procurement, renew their competitive position on Kammarkollegiet's agreement with regard to larger volumes. The school's purchasing manager is the one who calls for this need in relation to KTH Procurement
  • The IT department has also bought 20 laptops and 30 PC desktop computers (all-in-one), both variants of the Windows operating system, which schools can take advantage of during this period (through purchases). These computers are for emergency situations only. In the case of new employment where a computer is not available or if the computer has broken down and needs to be replaced immediately. The desktop PCs are available now, while the laptops will be delivered on March 20 (preliminary indication).
  • If you need one of the above computers, you must fill in an order form as well as in the form's text field indicating why this order is urgent. Then the order will be prioritized as far as possible, other orders will be placed on hold.
  • When it comes to Mac computers, Procurement together with IT will renew competition in the days. This is done on 20 Mac laptops with the possibility of fast delivery.

We regret the situation that arises and any problems it may pose for your business. We can now only hope that Umeå University will be able to sign an agreement, which KTH can use in the near future. We will keep you updated on changes.

For questions regarding procurement and contracts, contact us at  or Melanie Keltvik directly at  tel: 8877
For other IT purchasing questions, contact us at  or Birger Söderström directly at  tel: 7807

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