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Ladok-the service "Course participants"

Published Jan 18, 2019

The service "Course participants" does not always get course participants

How this affects you: The service "Course participants" often has problems getting the participants on the current course. This may be because there are large courses with many students or that the service is used by many at the same time or that Ladok is not available for the moment (see operating information on the internal web)

What can I do: Courses with many students may therefore have to be downloaded in several rounds, in which case you can try to reload the page a few times. Also pay attention so that Ladok does not have eg. upgrade when trying to retrieve students in the service. Special message is displayed regarding this in the service when you do not get their search results

Status: Troubleshooting in progress, no forecast when that problem is solve

Who is affected: examiners, course managers, course administrators

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Last changed: Jan 18, 2019