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Auditoriums will be locked

Published Mar 05, 2021

Auditoriums at KTH return to being locked

From 2021-03-01, auditoriums at KTH will return to being locked and only opened according to bookings. In the same way as before the pandemic started.

All bookings are made via Lokalbokningen. KTH applies internal debiting for auditoriums. For booking and information follow the link:

Individual students cannot book the auditoriums.

All teachers at KTH have permission on their access cards. Should anyone lack the teacher access, they contact the service center or another card manager at their school who can send an order to the card office.

When booking, the auditoriums opens 30 minutes before the booked time and closes 15 minutes after. Exceptions are for exams, re-examinations and check-ins when the auditoriums open one hour before the booked time and during preparation time when the halls open at the booked time.

When booking D31 and D36, access is added to the access cards for the people who are contact persons in TimeEdit.

If a room that is booked still would not be open, if the AV equipment does not work or if you discover any other fault, please call service number 08-790 9200, and they will connect you to the appropriate authority.

9200 is open weekdays 08.00-16.30

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