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Delivery problems for KTH certified computers and accessories

Published Apr 23, 2021

Computer manufacturers has shortage of components

The reason for the component shortage and long delivery times is the ongoing pandemic which means a high demand for computers. This is because more people work from home.

This increases the demand for components, which means that computer manufacturers cannot produce at the rate that is needed right now.

The pandemic also has a global impact on transports with extra long deliveries as a result.

The normal delivery times of three weeks are obsolete and the suppliers estimated delivery times for KTH certified computers are currently:

  • Dell: 8-10 weeks
  • HP: several months
  • The IT department has ensured that there will be loan computers (Dell Latitude 7420 laptop) from mid-May, for those who absolutely need a computer.
  • This delivery problem also applies to a lot of monitors and other accessories, but for these items we can choose other models and get slightly faster deliveries with a possible increase of price as a result.

The IT department regrets the situation, but the problem is with the manufacturers. Which means that we have little opportunity to influence other than solving the acute shortage through these loan computers.

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