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Problem with KTH-Res

Published Oct 21, 2021

Some users do not have a profile in the new KTH-Res system

System/Service: KTH-Res

Interruption: After the transition to the new system some users do not have a local profile in the new KTH-Res system

Status: Error reported to the contractor

Who is affected: Employees trying to log on to KTH-Res

How the interuption affects you: An errormessage that no profile exists in the system.

If you have this problem, please contact your travel manager at your school. Mailaddresses can be found here:

This problem can not be solved by GVS IT since it is in an external system at the contractor. It is all managed by your travel managers and KTH Res at HR.

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Last changed: Oct 21, 2021