Updated: KTH-Print Updated 5/10

Published Oct 03, 2019

On Saturday, 5/10, KTH IT will replace the printer software with the KTH Print (Konica Minolta multifunction printer)

Do not expect to be able to get prints during this weekend.

For those who use KTH Print after 5th October. This is what to do:

  •  You print as usual but to get your printouts you will need to re-register your access card. You do this by “blipping” your access card at the printer and then log in with your KTH username and password on the printers display.
  • The user interface on the printer panel looks a little bit different.
    • When printing new jobs, select "Waiting"
    • When printing previously printed jobs, select "Printed"
  • You are working on KTH IT's client platform (KTH Mac, KTH Ubuntu or KTH Windows) and not see your printsouts after the upgrade:
    • Connect the computer to the KTH fixed network
      • Log out of the computer and restart the computer
        • Try printing again

For more instructions and FAQ: intra.kth.se/it/printing/kth-print

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