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Updated: VPN to KTH (SSTP)

Published May 13, 2024

Currently, there may be problems connecting to VPN to KTH (SSTP)
Use VPN to KTH (

System/Service: VPN to KTH (SSTP)

Interruption: unknown

Status: New version sent to all laptops, not everyone had get the new version yet.
Note: To get the new version of VPN to KTH (SSTP) you should be on KTH's network (at the office) alternatively if you can use the other VPN connection "VPN to KTH" or use KTHLAN VPN-service

Who is affected: Those who use VPN to KTH (SSTP)

How the Interruption affects you: It is not possible to connect to VPN to KTH (SSTP).

Workaround: Connect instead to VPN to KTH ( or use KTHLAN VPN-service . Alternatively, create a new VPN connection with the SSTP protocol (if IKEv2 does not work on your computer) according to our quick reference guide, VPN for stand-alone Windows 10 computer .