New print and payment solution for KTH-Print, and refund of print quota

Time: Thu 2019-06-20 09.00

KTH has made a new procurement of the printing service KTH Print, with the goal to implement the service in the spring of 2019. The implementation was delayed because the supplier could not keep the schedule. The implementation is according the reviewed timetable scheduled for June-July 2019.

As the old quota payment service (PayEx) was ended at the end of the year and KTH was not ready with the implementation of the new printing service and the new payment solution, we have placed refill of print quota to KTH Entré instead . This was a temporary solution until the new printing service/payment solution was in place.

The students who purchased refill of print quota in KTH Entré in 2019 (until July 1), and not consumed those prints will not be able to move the purchased print quota to the new payment solution. They have the opportunity to either consume the purchased quota or make a refund at KTH Entré, no later than December 31, 2019.

On July 1, 2019, the free print quota will be refilled for all active students with the equivalent of 200 SEK. At the same time, we will remove the opportunity to refill the print quota in KTH Entré. Those students who have run out of their free print quota will be able to refill via the new payment solution that will be in place during June-July 2019.

For more information about KTH Print, read here:

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