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Technical information

Zoom is available for all employees and registered students.

Before you start to use Zoom

Before you start to use Zoom check that you have version 5.0 or later. To check that:

Important Notice: Please begin updating all your clients to Zoom 5.0.5 or later now. By 30 May, all Zoom users must have version 5.0 or later in order for the program to function. Please control what version you have and install the latest edition. If you do not make this update, Zoom will not work.*

* This doesnt apply to people who uses KTH platfroms computer i.e. KTH-Windows, KTH-Mac and KTH-Ubuntu. These will get updated automatically.

  1. Start Zoom
  2. To check which version you have:
    1. Go to your profile (top right corner)
    2. Click on Help
    3. Click on About
  3. To update Zoom:
    1. Go to your profile (Top right corner)
    2. Click on "Check for Update"

For latest zoom update here

When to use Zoom

  • In webinars, interactive online presentations with up to 300 participants.
  • For shorter presentations, seminars and tutoring.
  • Virtual group-rooms for students.
  • Project meetings.
  • When there is an advantage to be able to see each other's screens.

What you can do:

  • Share screen, for presentations, video clips etc
  • Chat
  • Record meeting
  • Polls
  • "Breakout rooms" for discussions outside the main web meeting

KTH Zoom account

The advantage of using KTH's Zoom instance is:

  • KTH address book with employees and Zoom rooms
  • Outlook calendar plugin for easier meeting bookings
  • Access to more meeting tools

Number of attendees per zoom meeting

Starting from 3rd of April 2020 all new accounts that creates at kth zoom will have maximum 300 attendees per zoom meeting. If you have a need of holding a meeting for up to 500 attendees, please contact KTH-IT-Support by sending an e-mail to “it-support”  or call 08 790 6600

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