Technical information

Zoom is available for all employees and registered students.

When to use Zoom

  • In webinars, interactive online presentations with up to 500 participants.
  • For shorter presentations, seminars and tutoring.
  • Virtual group-rooms for students.
  • Project meetings.
  • When there is an advantage to be able to see each other's screens.

What you can do:

  • Share screen, for presentations, video clips etc
  • Chat
  • Record meeting
  • Polls
  • "Breakout rooms" for discussions outside the main web meeting

KTH Zoom account

The advantage of using KTH's Zoom instance is:

  • KTH address book with employees and Zoom rooms
  • Outlook calendar plugin for easier meeting bookings
  • Access to more meeting tools
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Last changed: Oct 02, 2019