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Zoom Webinar for defense at KTH

At KTH, dissertations and licentiate seminars takes place during the period 7 January - 15 June and 15 August - 20 December. Doctoral (PhD) students must register requests for public thesis defense to the school in question no later than five weeks prior. However, the schools may require that the application be made earlier.

Registration is made using a form which can be found under ”Licentiatseminarium, disputation“ in the form archives: 

The prevailing circumstances as a result of covid-19 have changed the conditions for conducting public thesis defense. KTH's goal is nevertheless to carry out thesis defense in agreement with current regulations and in accordance with the recommendations of the Public Health Authority.

For more information view link:

Basic requirements:

  • As to the core of the defense, respondent, opponent, grading committee and chairperson must be able to communicate with each other 2-way including picture and sound.
  • When it comes to audiences, they should be able to see and hear the thesis defense. They should also be able to ask, at least via chat function.
  • Thesis defense should also be public. The audience must also be given the opportunity to attend physically, in addition to the opportunity to participate remotely, as some of the audience may lack computer / computer experience.

In order to enable the thesis defense process in the current situation, KTH has developed a solution where thesis defenses can be carried out completely remotely. This solution is based on the Zoom webinar, which enables the meeting organizer to have complete control over the distance meeting and how the thesis defense should be carried out, for example:

  •  the respondent, the opponent, the grading committee and the chair actively participate as a "panel"
  •  audience can see and hear but cannot send video and sound (to avoid the risk of disruption)
  • The audience is given the opportunity to ask questions either via the chat function or in Q&A format

Here is a workflow and instructions on how to proceed.

If you want to use the Zoom webinar for thesis defense, then the organizer of the meeting needs to via an email contact

NOTE! The respondent should not be the organizer of the Zoom webinar.

  1. In the email, the organizer shall provide the following information:
    • In the subject line enter: thesis defense, respondent's name and date
    • In the message enter:
      • When do you at the latest need access to the Zoom webinar, in order to post the link when the dissertation is posted
      • Name, email address and telephone number of the organizer (or other contact person for the defense, ie the person who will have continued contact with KTH IT-Support in this matter)
  2. KTH IT-Support will register a Zoom webinar license for the defense and give feedback to the organizer
  3. If any of the committee or audience should attend from a room at KTH, a suitable room with video equipment must be booked through KTH's local booking. A list of suitable premises can be found here:
  4. The organizer also needs to set up a separate Zoom meeting (Note: not Zoom webinar) only for the opponent, the grading committee and the chair, where the audience is excluded. This zoom meeting need to be booked by another person, tentatively from the grading committee. That is because of the limitation in the system which doesn’t allow the same person to book two meeting at the same time 

You can find instructions for how to set up a Zoom meeting here:

KTH IT-Support helps with instructions, tips and advice, with the start of the Zoom webinar meeting itself, as well as with support in the physical room if wanted.

If support is needed during the actual defense, contact KTH IT Support immediately on 08-790 6600. KTH IT-Support handles these types of cases with the highest priority.

Once you have received feedback from KTH IT-Support that a Zoom webinar license is registered for the defense (usually using the chairman's account), you need to set up a Zoom webinar meeting. It is essential that the webinar is set up in advance and posted in good time in accordance with current regulations.

To set up a Zoom webinar meeting for a public defense:

  1. Launch a browser and go to ""
  2. Log in with your account
  3. Click on "Webinars" and then on "Schedule a Webinar"
  4. Enter the information you want to be public, when you are done click on "Schedule"
  5. Scroll down to the end of the webinar setting and find "Invitations". Copy the URL Registration link and publish it, this will enable the audience to register for the Zoom webinar and get the information they need to connect to the meeting.
  6. To add members as panelists click on Edit to the left. Panelists in this case are those who actively participate in the defense ie. respondent, opponent, grading committee, chairman. You need to enter both name and email address.
  7. Then click "Save" to save meeting settings. The meeting will be saved and you will find it under "Webinars" in the left column.

Those added to the Panelists list will receive an autogenerated email, with the invitation and instruction on how to register and attend the Zoom webinar.

The next step is the Zoom webinar itself at the time of the defense.'

Here are some tips for the organizer:

  • Prepare e-mail addresses and telephone numbers in advance to all participants in case the technology does not work and they need to be contacted using other means of communication.
  • Starting Zoom webinar a while before the defense begins and test that everything is working as it should. If necessary, contact KTH IT Support.
  • Ensure that all participants can participate without interruption
  • In cases where you have booked a room for the audience, make sure that the audience can see and hear the public defense and can ask questions

You can find several recommendations and tips for successful Zoom meetings here :

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