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Change of primary login service at KTH

During May and until June 1, we will replace the primary login service at KTH. For you as a user, this means that you are met by a login page with a different look. You log in as usual with your KTH account, but enter your username and password in two steps.

For some web applications you log in to, the change will take place earlier. This means that KTH will have two different login pages for a period. As soon as an application is adapted to the new login service, the user will be redirected to the new login page.

The older login service is available at the web address while the new one is accessed at The applications you log in to will lead you to the address that applies.

Some applications will have introduced the new login service only after June 1. KTH expects that the transition will last until November 2021.

Activation of KTH account  and change of password  will remain in the old solution until the functions are replaced by a new solution.

What will it mean for me as a user?

The web applications you use will work as usual and you will log in as usual with your KTH account username and password.

The appearance of the new login server compared to the old one

For users, the big differences between the old and new login service is a changed appearance of the page and that the login takes place in two steps.

Picture of the old login form:

Det gamla inloggningsfönstret på

Picture of the new login form, where you first enter the username and in the next step password:

Det nya inloggningsfönstret på

Remember that only this appearance applies and remain vigilant on attempted fraud where you are asked to log in with your KTH account on pages that are not on Read more about so-called "phishing" on the page Malicious email .

How do I activate my new account

Activation of accounts will take place on the old login service in the same way as before. Follow the instructions on Activate KTH account .

How do I change my password?

You change your password in the same way as before on the old login service. Follow the instructions on the page Change Password on your KTH account .

How do I test that my account works with the new solution

You can test that your account works by going to the following page .

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Last changed: May 18, 2021