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The Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) agreement is in effect from 02-11-2021 until 01-11-2024.

Changes in the agreement

Adobe's license model links the applications to the users KTH account rather than the computer.
The license will requires the user to log in with the KTH account on Adobe to install the programs.
Adobe applications can be installed on up to two computers. However, they can only be run on one computer at a time.

Who is eligible to use Adobe licenses?

Only employees who receive salary from KTH are eligible for Adobe licenses.

Acrobat DC Pro: site license that covers all employees who receive salary from KTH.

Adobe CCE Complete suite: volume limited to 630 licenses. It has to be ordered for each user. A list of programs included in Adobe CCE Complete suite (pdf 452 kB) .

Eligible computers

Installation is allowed only on KTH owned computers.

The Adobe applications can be installed on up to two computers, but can only be run at one computer at a time.


Adobe DC Pro: The license fee is 100 SEK a year per FTE (full time equivalent). It is charged internally according to debit model 2  .

Adobe CCE Complete: The license fee is 1200 SEK per year. It is charged according to debit model 4 .


Ordering a license for Adobe CCE Complete is managed by authorised purchasers  at each school through the Ordering Portal for IT Services: Read more on how to make an order.

Installation Guides

Uninstall/Install KTH Windows

Uninstall/Install KTH Mac

Uninstall/Install Standalone computer

Purpose of use

Adobe licenses are used for purposes directly related to learning, teaching, education, research or development.

The academic license may not be used for commercial or other profit interests.

Adobe Creative Cloud and cloud storage

Read more about saving files in Adobe CC cloud

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