Intercept your extension

There are several options for intercept your extension so you can provide the right information to the caller and searcher.

We have gathered everything and hope you find the way that works best for you.

By phone:

Intercept app

Open webpage from your mobilephone. You must log in with your account, you only need to log in the first time you go to the page. The app is in the form of a webpage that you can either use as it is or add it to the home screen on iPhone and some Android phones. Recommendation is to add it to the home screen, as it then behaves like a regular app.

Besides intercept, you can also apply för KTH employees.

The number you sign into the app is the extension you are registered with in KTH´s switchboard, if it´s not right please contact


You can also dial the interceptcodes directly from your fixed extension and from your mobile extension (after you dial 360 and received a dial tone).

By computer:

Office web

You can manage your intercepts and include future and scheduled activities. You can also search for colleagues, manage your voicemail and more.

Login page

Create account

You manage your intercepts under tab "activites" in office web

Calendar Connection

Calendar connection means that when you make a reservation in Outlook and your extension closes for the specified time.

Please contact Teleservice to activate the service and you will recieve a guide from us

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