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Voice mail

KTH offer two differents voice mail. One is connected to the switchboard and the other one it`s for the mobilnumber.

Voicemail 7000 at your extension

  • On all types of connections.
  • The one who calls in will after the voice answer have the possibility to leave a message in the voice mail and get to a telephonist.
  • You can record a personal message.
  • Listen to the voice mail from your own connection or from an internal or external telephone.
  • Many functions in the voice mail are administered from the office web.
  • Is included without charge on normal subscription but the service needs to be ordered.
  • The notifications will be sent through e-mail. 

Voicemail overview in english (pdf 28 kB)

Vociemail 222 at your mobile number

. Activated on mobile number

. Subscriptions are sent via SMS

. To call the voice mail will cost as a normal call within Tele2s network.

. To listen to your answering machine, call 222 from your mobile phone.

. You can reach the voice mail from another phone by calling your own mobile number. When the opening phrase are played up then enter #password#.

. New messages that haven’t been listened to will be saved for 7 days.

. Messages that are listened to are saved for 3 days.

Activate or deactivate you answering machine

To activate you answering machine: dial 222 from your mobile phone and follow the instructions

To change or handle your opening phrase dial 223 and follow the instructions.

To deactivate your answering machine then contact:


To order an answering machine, send an email to:

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Last changed: Sep 15, 2022