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Educational Technology

KTH offers several tools that teachers at can use in their teaching.

Technology in halls

The projectors in the halls can be connected to your computer with a VGA or HDMI cable. Before your lecture, you as teachers are able to schedule an appointment with a technician. For information about the equipment in the halls use

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Class room omtimized for Zoom

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Computer rooms

Computer rooms for students are available on all of KTH:s campuses. Many courses have elements that need to be performed on computers with special software. On the following pages have we gathered information that is important that the course coordinator takes part of prior to the start of a course

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Record a video

There are various tools for recording a lecture. You can record from your computer, in a lecture hall equipped with camera and microphone or make a professional film using KTH Media Production.

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Learning Management system

Canvas is the LMS (learning management system) used for all course offerings at KTH.

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