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Book a computer room

Book computer room

Find facilities at KTH Places.

Search facility at KTH

Map of existing computer rooms at the different KTH campuses.

Computer rooms map .

Obtain contact information for your local room booking administration.

Room booking at KTH

Ordering of software to computer labs

To login at computer rooms

Login for KTH users

In order to log in to the computers in the computer rooms, users must have a KTH account.

Read more bout KTH account

Login to computer rooms for non KTH users

Guests who intend to use one of KTH: s computer rooms, and who do not have a KTH account.

Read more how to order log on account for non KTH users

Entry to computer rooms

Ensure that students, teachers and lab assistants have access to a booked computer room.

KTH Card Office and admittance and access cards

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