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Ordering of software to computer lab rooms

The software in KTH's computer rooms is ordered and determined before the start of the semester in collaboration between course managers, teachers and the IT department.
For the autumn term, the order needs to be made no later than 15 May.
For the spring term, the order needs to be placed no later than 15 November.
This page shows what you need to do.


  • Order software before each course round
  • Order well in advance- latest by May 15 for autumn term and November 15 for spring term
  • Test that the software works as you intended
  • Communicate with us in the ordering request

Order the software here


As the course coordinator for a course with computer sessions, you are responsible for ensuring that the right software is installed in the computer lab. This is done by ordering it from ITA. Licenses, tests and installation are then handled smoothly and correctly.

Participants are course coordinators, laboratory assistants and others involved in the course. The course coordinator makes the order.

The software management is coordinated with KTH's course administration. Software order must therefore come to us latest by the following dates:

  • for the autumn term: May 15
  • for the spring term: November 15

If the order is made after these dates, we cannot guarantee that the software can be installed in the computer lab before the course starts.

The link to the software order is at the bottom of this page, but please read this page so you know what to do and the reason for it.

Installed software

There are many applications in the computer rooms, which are installed for specific courses in specific computer labs. The software varies between the labs depending on location, operating system and previous course orders. 

At present, there is no compilation of all installed software, licenses, operating systems and computer rooms. However, this must be checked before each course round.

KTH wants to provide a relevant software range, with the ambition of having the latest versions of demanded software in the labs. Older versions are continually removed, and if the software is not ordered, it is completely removed.

Older versions can be installed if needed, but we want to avoid having several versions installed at the same time.

The course administrator must check if the desired software is already available and that it works for the course, both in terms of license and function. However, the software should always be ordered so we know it is needed.


Every application that is installed requires a license. KTH is responsible for ensuring that these licenses are purchased correctly and covers the use. There are many licensing forms for the software, where some licenses are owned by the schools and others centrally. Check with us that the license is correct when ordering the software.

Applications with "evaluation / trial license" will not be installed, but only full licenses.

License purchases can take several weeks depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, be in good time with your order.

Ordering the software

To get the right information, we have specific order forms. We therefore accept orders only through these - orders made in other ways will be referred to the forms. Links to the forms can be found in the order links on this page.

Test the software

In order for the software to work as intended, it and the exercises in the booked computer lab must be tested well before the course starts. It provides the opportunity to customize the software and resolve problems without the course being interrupted.

Responsibility for performing the necessary tests lies with the course teacher/teacher/lab assistant.

  1. Test that the software works and that the lab exercises work as intended.
  2. Give feedback in the ordering request whether a functionality test has been done and if the software is functioning properly.
  3. When everything works as intended, please notify us of this in the ordering request. We will then install the software in the booked computer/computer lab.

If you are unsure about something, ask us. We are not specialists in all software, but we know what can go wrong.

Software for students

Students have the opportunity to download software for installation on their own computer during their time at KTH. If you want students to be able to do the exercises on their own computer, the software in the computer room should be of the same version as the one available to the students.

Download from KTH Software Download

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