Lecture theatre recording

In the lecture theatres teachers are able to record their lectures themselves by selecting recording on the touch panel.

Recording in a lecture theatre

In the lecture theatre teachers are able to record their lectures themselves by selecting recording on the touch panel. The rooms are equipped with a VGA and HDMI cable to share your computer screen, a desktop and a document camera.

Equipped with a multi- stream functionality which means that the video that’s being recorded will include both the image of the lecturer as well as the material shown through computer or document camera. The student can then select which one of the images that should govern (the presentation or the lecturer) when watching the video.

For support email it-support@kth.se  or phone 08 790 6600

Book one of the rooms with recording equipment

Rooms with recording/ streaming equipment:

Lecture theater Lecture room Computer Lab Other
F1 W25 W50 Kollegiesalen
F3 W37 343 Ångdomen
U1​​​​​​​ W42 - Utställning ​​​​​​​
Q1​​​​​​​ W43 - -
- D31​​​​​​​ - -
- U61​​​​​​​ - -


Book the lecture hall by contacting Room Booking at KTH email: 9400@admin.kth.se .

Getting started

Prior to recording

Activate your media storage in KTH Play (Kaltura)

  1. Go to play.kth.se
  2. Login with your KTH account

How do I access my video material?

KTH Play / Canvas

Go to play.kth.se   or Canvas and login using your KTH ID, to access the video in your Media Gallery. From the Media Gallery can you then choose where, for whom and how long you want to publish your video.

Local storage

Recordings can be stored locally in the lecture hall. To access the recording contact it-support@kth.se . The video will be deleted from the server 2 months after the recording.

Editing the video

In order to have the functionality to switch between sources (camera and presentation) when playing the video, only the original file can be edited. KTH Play provides editing tools which you can use to trim off the beginning and end of the video as well as add bookmarks (thumbnails) that divide the film into chapters which makes it easier to find key points of the lecture.

Please note that a deleted video cannot be recovered.

Guides: knowledge.kaltura.com

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