Make a screencast in macOS

This document shows how to make a screencast, i.e. how you record what is happening on your screen.

Screencast are perfect for education or to make a quick and simple way to show how to do something on your computer. It is a way to record your screen and show it.

QuickTime Player is an application that comes with the operating system installation. It is usually used to play sound and video, but it can also record your screen and save it as a movie.

Do the following to make a screen recording:

  1. Open /Applications > QuickTime Player
  2. Choose  New Screen Recording in the File menu

A small control panel opens in the upper left corner on the screen. Finer adjustments can be made in the lower right corner (small clickable triangle, see picture below).

When you click on the red "Record" button you will get a few instructions and alternatives on how to finish the recording.

The default setting is for QuickTime Player to record the whole screen.

After the finished recording the final movie is saved in your home folder, ~username/, if you haven't chosen something else in the small settings box above.

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