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Recruiting with an hourly salary

Hourly pay is paid to people who are employed per hour. The following instructions are for informing about the rules that exist and to facilitate the management of hourly / remuneration appointments. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the staff,

Rules and guidelines

Generally, hourly wages / fees should be used sparingly. The basic idea is that everyone should be permanent employees, so that all employees are treated equally. A person who is employed by the hour is employed according to §5.1 of the Employment Protection Act (1982: 80).

The central office of KTH regulates categories of hourly wage amounts. You find the categories and the fixed wages/fees here

Always contact the HR staff for guidance before committing and commencing work if you want the person to:

  • Work more than 50% for a month or more or

  • Less than 50% but regular working hours for one month or more or

  • Not included in any category that KTH centrally specifies.

Employment Confirmation

Confirmation of employment for temporary employment (AB) is required for each hourly paid employee, and shall be valid as long as the person is allowed to work in Sweden. The confirmation of employment must be signed by the Head of Department or the Operational Controller as well as the employee.

Don't forget to note the Place and Date of Signature. According to the Employment Confirmation, the remuneration worker must be offered work for each individual occasion and this can then be done by mail. This mail correspondence (or similar) must be submitted to the staff in an appendix to the form "Payment of hourly pay / compensation".

Employing an hourly wage person without a Swedish Security Number

There are three different scenarios:

The process will take at least 8 weeks before a decision is made by the Swedish Tax authorities. The person will not receive a Swedish Security number, but a coordination number.

The application, decision from the Swedish Tax authorities and ID document (ex. Passport), should be sent to the Human Resources office at ITM school.

The employee will receive a temporary X number in HR+ system until hen receives a coordination number.


Hours should be specified, based on actual working days. Days that follow one another should be stated in unbroken form within the week, but not to cover from the end of one month to another month.

The forms must have complete information of the first and last name of the temporary employee, the fees, the social security number, the current home address (including postal code and post office). If the home address changes between assignments, we ask that you inform the staff so that current personal information can be entered.

The forms must be signed by a financial approver.

Read more about Salary payment and tax certificate

Bank details

Please note that the employee must self-register an account for payment to Nordea if they wish to have their salary paid to the account. This is done via this link. If Nordea lacks information, payment is made instead via payment card (AVI).

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Last changed: May 29, 2020