Support for you who work at Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)

Here you will find the tools, routines and rules that affect your work and the contacts you need. Click on the area you need support about and we will guide you along the way. 

Side-line activities

Do you have assignments alongside KTH? We appreciate that you, as an employee, have contacts with society and business, but it is important to keep track of the rules that apply to side-line activities / secondary employments.

More about policies for side-line activities in PDF


KTH is a state authority. Everyone who works here and who wants to buy something needs to know what rules apply. For many goods and services there are framework agreements, so start by looking in the purchasing portal WISUM.

More about purchasing on ITM's intranet

Business trips

Before booking a business trip it is important that you know the travel policy and process of the ITM School, all the way from planning, booking and insurance to making a travel bill. Start by watching the film and then get started.

Hospitality & gifts

Are you aware of the rules that apply to hospitality and gifts? When are meals tax-exempt and what supporting documentation must be included in the accounting? The film about hospitality and gifts gives you the answers.

Travel-free meetings

By meeting through video conferencing instead of traveling, you contribute to all three aspects of sustainable development - reducing carbon dioxide emissions, financial savings and social benefits.

More about video conferencing on KTH's intranet

Human Resources

Contact the Human Resources team in all HR related issues. They manage strategic personnel issues and handle all employment matters, promotions, work environment issues, gender equality issues and more.

More about HR and deadlines on ITM's intranet

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Last changed: Mar 03, 2020