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Application is open for promotion from Assistant Professor to Accociate Professor

Time: Sun 2019-09-01 - Mon 2019-09-30

Deadline for applying for promotion to Associate Professor

This requires that you are an Assistant Professor, and has come at least halfway in your employment. Please note that the processing time takes up to 7 months, so you should not be at the end of your employment as the Promotion Committee must conduct their interview before the Assistant Professor’s employment has ended.

  • Initiate the dialogue with your manager/department that you intend on applying for promotion well in advance (recommended: no later than mid-period evaluation)
  • Contact HR as soon as possible afterwards, but preferably at least 1 month prior to the application opens
  • HR creates a link in Varbi
  • You are responsible to upload you employment profile, cover page, CV, appendices and publications according to instructions

Please note:

  • Documents that are sent in too late, are handled in the next application period
Belongs to: Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)
Last changed: Feb 25, 2019