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Application is open for promotion from Associate Professor to Professor

Time: Wed 2020-01-01 - Fri 2020-01-31

Deadline for applying for promotion to Professor

This requires that you are an Associate Professor.

Note that you are able to apply for promotion to Professor once a year.

  • Initiate the dialogue with your manager/department that you intend on applying for promotion well in advance
  • Contact HR as soon as possible afterwards, but preferably at least 2 month prior to the application opens
  • HR creates a link in Varbi
  • You are responsible to upload you employment profile, cover page, CV, appendices and publications according to instructions

Please note:

  • Documents that are sent in too late, are handled in the next application period
  • If your promotion application is rejected, you are not able to re-apply until the second next application period (every two years)
Belongs to: Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)
Last changed: Feb 25, 2019