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Last day to submit complete documents for payment of hourly wage, reimbursement and travel bills (regarding payment on the 25th of December)

Time: Thu 2019-12-05 15.00

Deadline for submitting complete documents for payment of hourly wage, reimbursement and travel bills (regarding payment on the 25th of December)

Employment with hourly wage

  • Fill out the form (”Utbetalning av timlön/ersättning”)
    • Report the working hours – consecutive days can be reported as a period (not weekends or over month breaks!)
    • Note the accounting information (project number and org.enhet)
    • The financial approver (for the specific org.enhet) shall sign the form
  • A new employee?
    • Fill out the form “Employment confirmation for temportary employment” (is required to register the employee in the system)
    • VhC and/or Head of Department shall sign on the behalf of the employer
    • The employee fills out and sends the Nordea-form to Nordea (not to HR!)
      Otherwise, payment will be made through a check (sent to the address registered in HR+)


  • Hourly wages are decided by KTH
  • Incomplete documents may delay the payment
  • New employees will receive payment not sooner than the next following month

Read more about hourly wages & fees . In this link, you also fins direct links to current forms, etc.


  • If invoice isn’t possible, you shall register your purchase in KTH-res
  • If you don’t find a suitable headline/title for your reimbursement in KTH-res
    • Use the form for Expenses (“Redovisning av utlägg – avser anställda”)
  • Do not use KTH-res if the reimbursement is
    • Representation OBS! Attach form for Benefit Taxation
    • Subscription
    • Language review
  • Send the form to HR (either printed KTH-res-form or the form for expenses)
    • Always attach original receips (not older than 1 year!)
    • Attach participant’s list and purpose when representation


  • No private purchases can be made on the same receipts as your reimbursement, e.g. always split the payments!
  • I some cases, account statements may be required
  • Incomplete documents may delay the payment

Read more about reimbursement .

Questions regarding hourly wage or reimbursements – contact

Travel claims

  • Create a travel order in KTH-res, and have it approve from your supervisor
  • Always book flights, train tickets, hotels and transfer via Egencia
  • Go to your travel bill in KTH-res, and register any reimbursements
    • Please upload all attachments in KTH-res (not original receipts)
    • Always attach the itinerary (departure and arrival times must be clear for every stop in the itinerary)
    • Always attach all boarding passes (including digital ones)
    • Attach conference-, workshop-, seminar and course programs
  • Complete your travel bill when you are done (change status from “preliminary” to “definitive
  • Send the travel bill to HR
    • Print the travel bill in KTH-res
    • Always attach all original receipts etc. (attach to the printed travel bill)
    • All other attachments (above) if you haven’t uploaded them in KTH-res


  • Save all original receipts, travel tickets, booking confirmations, itineraries, e-tickets, digital boarding passes and programs
  • You must have a valid business travel insurance card before you travel (which you get from HR)
  • Travel bills are required also for travel advances
    • Equalizing is made shortly after the travel is completed, but no later than three months later than the travel advance was paid
  • Incomplete documents may delay the payment

Read more about travel claims .

Questions regarding travel claims and travel bills – contact .

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Last changed: May 06, 2019