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Last day to submit complete document in ongoing teacher’s recruitments (regarding AU preparation on the 18th of June)

Time: Tue 2019-06-04

Deadline for submitting complete documents in ongoing teacher’s recruitments (regarding AU-preparation on the 18th of June)

Refers to ongoing recruitment processes (Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor)

1) Ongoing recruitment means that the “Anhållan” has been approved in FR and the President has expedited the decision of starting the recruitment

  • Fill out the correct template Anställningsprofil (OBS! Make sure you follow instructions!)
  • Send the profile to HR
  • HR forwards it to GVS no later than 2 work days before AU-preparation
  • The profile is handled in AU-preparation
  • AU approves/suggests changes in the profile
  • IF changes are suggested: Recruiting manager replies AU
  • When the profile is approved: Recruiting manager translates the text into English, and sends the translation to GVS for correcture
  • Advertisement for a minimum of 3 weeks (a longer advert period is recommended)
  • For potential prolonged advertisement: inform HR no later than 4 work days before the last application date!

2) As soon as possible after the profile has been approved:

  • Recruiting manager identifies and contacts out to potential experts for the position
  • Recruiting manager informs HR which experts have accepted the mission
  • HR contacts the experts and gather all required documents needed for AU-preparation
  • Documents are sent to GVS
  • AU approves/declines the suggested experts
  • IF declined: Recruiting manager finds more expert-suggestions
  • When experts are approved: HR gives them access to the applications

Please note:

  • Expert-suggestions shall be thought of when filling out the “Anhållan”
  • Contact more than 2 experts in order to minimize the risk of defection/no thanks
  • The chances of accepting the mission increases if the first contact/request comes from the recruiting manager/Head of department, rather than from HR
  • Documents that are sent in too late, are handled at the next deadline
Belongs to: Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)
Last changed: Feb 25, 2019