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Film: Pär Jönsson moves in

Published Jun 19, 2019

Pär Jönsson is acting Head of the ITM School from July 1 and we ask ourselves the question "Who is he?" Watch the film where Pär unpacks 7 important things for his new office.


Pär Jönsson, Acting Head of the ITM School from July 1, 2019

We asked Pär to bring a few things that tell something about who he is as a person – things that he would like to bring to his new office as Acting Head of the ITM School.

  1. Something to eat: “The first important thing is the tomato plant. Remember that it needs sun light and water! “
  2. Pär’s wife: I think this is the most important thing in my bag – my wife, my partner since many years. We met at Harvard University and are together ever since.
  3. The children: “This picture is from when they were approx. 5 and 8 years. I was about to have a lecture at KTH about how to make steel and I took this picture: ‘Cook steel - a children’s game or rocket science?’ Today, my daughter Jane is 21 and studies at Bergs, KTH and my son is spending his internship at 3D printing, KTH”
  4. Educational book: “The first basic book about how to make metals or cook steel. I use it for all students. I meet material design students in year 3." Question: " Will you have time to spend on teaching when you turn Acting Head of School?" “No, teaching time is something that I will have to reduce in the coming months, which is sad. And it has to do with the next thing that I brought today.”
  5. Diploma: Teacher of the year: “I am passionate about the students!” (Sign with “Warning: boasting”) “For 4 years, I have been nominated Teacher of the year at KTH. Once, evet at KTH level. And yes, I love to teach! And when my daughter heard that I will not be able to teach next semester, she was quite upset, because by then she is a third year student that would have the chance to have me as a teacher. I assured that I may give her some lectures even when I act as Head of School. “
  6. A metal sample: “Research is close at my heart, I have spent quite some time on research over the years, and I will continue with it. As Acting Head of School I will work approx. 70%. I am a kind of person who enjoys using my hands and work closely to reality and industry. For instance, this semester I gave a lecture for a number of technicians at a Swedish steel plant. This leads into the next thing I am bringing today, which makes me a bit proud.”
  7. Adrian Normanton price: (Sign with “Warning: boasting”). “I was one of the first persons who got an English price as an academician working close to the industry. The price was inaugurated by Adrian Normanton, who was famous in our field for his work in close relation to the industry.

“These things I will bring when I enter my new position as Acting Head of School, which I look forward to, it is a new challenge.”

(Pär erases the word Vice=Deputy from his office door and lets the rest remain: Head of School Pär Jönsson.)

Film and manus: Ulrika Georgsson

Belongs to: Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)
Last changed: Jun 19, 2019