Lecture with the audience 6000 km away

Published Oct 22, 2019
Martin Törngren
Martin Törngren, Deputy Head of School

Martin Törngren, you gave a lecture in New York last week, but via Skype. Physically you were still in Sweden. Aside from the time difference causing some confusion, how was it?

– The technique worked well and the presentation was well received. The advantage was that I avoided a tiring journey – and the environmental benefits of course. The challenge was that I missed interaction with the audience. They could see me and my presentation, but I missed the feedback you get at an open lecture. Here we need better technology support. It's a bit like recording a video lesson – with limited feedback you need to be better prepared than a regular lesson.
How come you chose do the talk via Skype?

– I didn’t have time to go to New York. In addition, I had a colleague there in place who could support me. It was good that the organizers accepted the Skype solution.
Do you know - without googling - how much CO2 emissions you avoided with a trip to the US and back?

– Some 1000 kg CO2 (it’s usually on the airline tickets and I remember a figure of 1–2 tons to California from Stockholm)?

You saved 632 kg of CO2 (the carbon dioxide accounts for about half of the total climate impact of the air travel), according to the Swedish Transport Agency. Will this be an option you can concider again?

– Yes. But, as I said, would like to work on getting better feedback and a view of the audience.

Text: Anna Gullers

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