Information from Financial team before the end of the year

Published Dec 03, 2018

Before the end of the year, we would like to inform you about the handling of supplier invoices.

Be sure to activate your EFH/Agresso back-up before you go on holiday. How this works is described here:

If you don't have any back-up activated in EFH/Agresso, please state the name of your back-up and in which period it is applicable, in an email that is sent to no later than 2018-12-13.

Please note that certification of supplier invoices should be done by computer, not by tablet or mobile phone, as the technology does not work well in the handling of invoices in EFH on these.

The final date for scanning supplier invoices for 2018 in EFH/Agresso is at. 12.00, 2019-01-04.

Belongs to: Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)
Last changed: Dec 03, 2018