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Professor Mauro Onori new head of the department of production engineering

Published Jan 14, 2014

He started his studies by taking a master of science degree in machine technology and a master of robot technology at the University of Sussex in England. A few years later, he took his doctoral thesis in flexible production systems here at KTH, and on 1 November 2013 he assumed the position as head of the department of production engineering.

As head of the department, what do you want to dedicate your time on doing?
“I want to create a department where young talents feel at home and where they can see their own future. There is nothing more fun than seeing young, motivated people developing. Being able to contribute is incredibly instructive and an amazing privilege. This will be an exciting time where young researchers get to show what they are mad of and greater scope for their own ideas.”

How does the future look for production engineering as a research field?
“The future of production engineering has both political and scientific aspects. If European and Swedish politicians understand and production is what creates prosperity, then the future is bright. But we proceed from a period where ”service society” has been the main focus and where all large companies have moved their production abroad. From a scientific viewpoint, the boundary between production technology and other subjects is blurred nowadays. Robot technology (both engineering and service robots), automatic control, computer technology and even biology and sociology are part of our research spectrum these days. Therefore, I think a cross-disciplinary approach will benefit our subject.”

How do you picture the future for the department of production engineering at KTH?
“We have to focus on profiling ourselves more clearly. I will try to reduce the width of research areas and instead focusing in-depth on those areas where we are already on top internationally.”

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