KTH Play (Kaltura)

KTH Play (Kaltura) will change server, which affects links to movies in Canvas and web pages.

Time: Thu 2018-06-14 08.00

Who is affected:  Employees and students

How this affects you:
On the 14 of June will video material currently stored on Kaltura's server in the United States be moved to Nordnet's server in Denmark. The change of server will result in faster upload of material, increase system stability, and update of Kaltura's player.

During the migration will you not be able to upload new videos.

Stored videos will get a new ID on Nordnet's server, which means links to videos embedded on web pages must be updated with the videos new ID. Embedded videos linked with the old Kaltura ID will cease to work from 14/6. The videos are found in your media gallery.

Stored videos on the old server but will be unpublished in December 2018, information will be displayed in the affected videos.
Update embedded link

1. Sign in to KTH Play with your KTH account

2. Go to My Media

3. Select video

4. Select "Share"

5. Select "Embed"

6. Copy link in desired player size

7. Replace link on webpage

  For assistance, contact it-support@kth.se

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