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Spin ice under uniaxial pressure and magnetic frustration in garnets

Time: Fri 2021-05-28 14.00

Location: Via Zoom, (English)

Subject area: Physics, Material and Nano Physics

Doctoral student: Richard Edberg , Kondenserade materiens teori, NordForsk, Project No. 82248, Patrik Henelius

Opponent: Prof. Dr. Santiago A. Grigera, University of St. Andrews

Supervisor: Professpr Patrik Henelius, Kondenserade materiens teori

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Frustration is the inability to simultaneously satisfy all interactions. The interest in magnetic frustration has grown during the last decades. The research has among other findings been promoted by the discovery of spin ice which is a frustrated magnetic compound with an exotic ground state and unusual excitations. In this thesis I present theoretical research on spin ice and experimental measurements where uniaxial pressure has been used to search for new magnetic states in spin ice. I also discuss modern reverse Monte Carlo algorithms used for determining magnetic states in frustrated compounds and the magnetic state of ytterbium gallium garnet is investigated. The thesis concludes by presenting the results from modulation calorimetry measurements on small spin-ice samples which can be used to probe the time scales for magnetic excitations in spin-ice compounds.