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KTH procured private charge card (Eurocard)

All KTH employees can apply for a special payment card, known as a KTH procured private card, which can be recommended if you travel a lot and / or often make other purchases that has nothing to do with a trip.

As an KTH employee, you have the opportunity to apply for this charge card on your own (without first contacting your manager). This card means that you as employee have a personal responsibility so that bills will get paid, etc.

The invoice is sent to the cardholder's home address and is regulated directly between the cardholder and the card company. You have the opportunity to get your transactions linked to KTH-RES automatic which makes it easy and convenient when you have to report your expenses.

Please note that there is two separate applications to submit, one for the charge card and one application for the corporation of the card and travel expenses in the KTH RES system.

On KTH's central pages, you can read more about how to apply for a Eurocard