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Purchasing and procurement - contact

When making a purchase, you may need to contact a purchasing officer depending on the price range in which the product is located.

Please note, regardless of the product or service price range, you must follow routines and regulations for purchase.

Read more about routines and regulations

0-49.999 kr

You don't need to contact any purchasing officer other than if you have questions. The purchase does not need to be filed, but you are responsible for documenting your purchase.

50.000-99.999 kr

You must contact Your Departmental contactperson (see below) for advise and a Diary Number. The file must be archived.

100.000-586.907 kr

Contact SCIs procurement advisor (see below) for The file must be archived.

More than 586.907 kr

The KTH Purchasing and procurement division will help you. Contact SCI procurement advisor for more information.

Procurement advisor

Madeleine Sidoli
Madeleine Sidoli
Procurement and purchasing manager SCI +4687909173

Contactpersons at the Departments


Solid Mechanics



Applied Physics

SciLife Lab