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Application routines regarding Ph.D. education

Routines when applying for Ph.D.-defence, Licentiate- seminar and Change of supervisor(s) during the Ph.D.-education.

The Ph.D.-student and the Main supervisor prepares the relevant form(s) and forwards them to the Program Director (PA) at the Department. PA checks and signes the form, before sending it on to the Director of Third Cycle Education (FA), via the SCI School's office of student affairs.

Applying for Ph.D.- Defence

Time plan for Ph.D. defence

Applying for Licentiate - seminar

Time plan for licentiate exam

Application for Change of supervisor(s)

The Ph.D.- student filles out the form Change of supervisor (FO-BYHA). The Ph.D.-student, the Main supervisor and the new and/or resigning supervisor signs the form. The form is sent to PA, who forwards it to FA via the SCI school pf student affairs.

KTH Archive of forms: KTH archive of forms for all kinds of applications

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Last changed: Oct 26, 2022