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Personal injury

Employee (present)

  Take care of the injured in quiet place, talk soothing, keep warm.
  Do not leave the affected person alone.
  If possible, the person to the separated place.
  If necessary, provide heart and lung resuscitation.
  If necessary, use heartstarter .

  Take help of colleague calling 112.
  Make sure someone accompanies the injured in the ambulance to the hospital.
  Contact the injured's manager.

Responsible manager

  • Will contact relatives
    (contact HR administrator och head of department for a list of relatives).
  •  Will call for information or provide information in another appropriate manner within the department / unit / school or what is deemed relevant.
  •  Will inform dean and / or head of admininstration who will act as support etc.
  •  Will, if necessary, arrange social networking for the evening / weekend.
  •  Will arrange a meeting with the affected the day thereafter (time and place).
  •  Will, in case of an accident in the service or travel to or from work, report to
  •  Will, if necessary, redistribute the employee's work temporarily to other persons.
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