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Information for employees regarding the coronavirus

Published Oct 09, 2020

Updated 2020-10-09

In light of recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, continued social distancing, and limited presence on campus, remain necessary for the welfare of staff and students. It is everyone’s responsibility to reduce the spread of Covid-19! 

If a student informs you that they have been diagnosed with Covid-19:

Contact HannaSara Karlsson, Head of Education Administration (UA),  

UA will notify the relevant examiner/course coordinator, as well as the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  

Questions regarding administrative routines for the implementation of written examinations:

Contact Helene Rune, Head of Administration,

Questions regarding possible changes in examination form and teaching due to Covid-19:

Contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies at your Department:

If you become infected with Covid-19:

Inform your nearest manager immediately (usually this is your Division Head). You also have an obligation to inform those you have had contact with, and potentially infected.

The following link is regularly updated with information for all employees:

Use the link provided below if you wish to ask a question about this information.

  Web form

The President’s decision

Decision regarding adapting work place activities during the autumn semester of 2020 for the purpose of preventing the spread of covid-19 (pdf 211 kB)

 For teaching activities, refer to President’s decision V-2020-0410 , and the associated clarification document .