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Yen-Hsi Tsai

Professor of Numerical Analysis

Yen-Hsi Tsai conducts research in the areas of applied mathematics, numerical analysis and technical science calculations. His research has applications in everything from wave propagation, imagery and material science to robotics. The research is also driven by a mathematical interest in geometry, free boundary problems and oscillating functions. The results contribute to overcoming the challenges that arise when solutions develop what is known as singularities, and when the solutions comprise a broad spectrum of scales. Usually, calculations of these problems through direct numerical simulations with conventional methods are impossible due to the large calculation costs.
The ambition is to develop simple, elegant and usable numerical algorithms that enable greater understanding of the phenomenon concerned and to discover new knowledge. Yen-Hsi Tsai is also participating in a project in electronmicroscopy together with other researchers at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Karolinska Institutet. He also collaborates with researchers in a number of other countries in Europe and in Japan, Taiwan, Canada and the U.S. 

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