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Anna Kadefors

Real Estate Management

Anna Kadefors mainly researches cooperation between organisations that, together, perform complex tasks. This can include collaboration on a construction project with high uncertainty. Examples of these are renovation, building hospitals, or an infrastructure project in an urban environment. Another example is the close relationships between property owners, local users and service providers.

The research often focuses on how procurement and contract affect the relationships. Moreover, it also looks at how an effective partnership between many different skills can be organised and managed. Another area of research involves the development and innovation capability of property owners and property developers, so that they are better able to take advantage of experiences, and
obtain new knowledge in a systematic manner. Then they can also make the right demands that create incentives for the development of contractors and consultants.

Throughout the last few years, Anna Kadefors has also studied what influences the manner in which research results will be useful in the construction and property sector – especially when the research is conducted in collaboration between business, community stakeholders and academia. Her research is mainly based on theories within behaviour science and social science, regarding institutions, decision making, trust, and organisational processes.

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