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Cali Nuur

Professor of Industrial Economics and Management with focus on Industrial Dynamics

Society, industries and organisations are developing and changing. The subject of industrial dynamics is part of the industrial economy and organisation field. It seeks to understand the structural transformations that occur in industrial systems and sectors. Focus is placed on systems and fields where sustainability and the environment, socio-economic, business-related and social factors are important starting points. Industrial dynamics studies change and structural change within a number of technical fields and industries, such as renewable energy, the automobile industry, the forestry industry, natural resource based industry, and the service sector. The changes are set in a context at a social, individual and group level.

 Cali Nuur and his research team analyse the mechanisms behind industrial and technical changes. This is achieved by using terms such as industrial knowledge formation, clusters, sustainability and innovation. The theoretical platform of the research generally comprises of innovation theory, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, learning, knowledge building processes, competitiveness, etc.  The phenomenon that are studied are linked to industrial development, structural processes of transformation and growth.

Cali Nuur’s team is currently engaged in a research project regarding the conditions for the industrial transformation of the Swedish natural resource-based industries.

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