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Lars Jonsson

Professor of Electromagnetic Fields

The electromagnetic field subject includes waves and fields, from optical frequencies to statistical fields, which surround us at all times. For example, high optical frequencies can be found in the light from the sun, and the fields are located in the entire spectrum, down to the essentially static electric and magnetic fields. The latter are used for e.g. navigation. An important area within electromagnetic fields is communication via WiFi and mobile telephone networks. The quality of the communication depends on how the electromagnetic fields are sent, dampened, received, as well as spread to our surroundings. In order to send and receive electromagnetic waves within wireless communication, antennae are used. Their form, size, and material determine how effective they are.

Lars Jonsson’s research focuses on developing and creating tools that can be used to determine whether antennae, filters, and more common electromagnetic spreaders are optimal, with regard to their physical limitations. The research is multi-disciplinary. Besides electromagnetics, it also includes areas of the mathematical field. Lars Jonsson and his research group also work within fields such as design of antennae, estimations of electromagnetic accuracy for numerical calculations, and the effects of nanoparticles in insulation materials.

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